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November 23rd, 2024

Voya’s Annual Extravaganza

Save the date for November as Voya presents a highlight amidst the excitement of the Formula 1 races in Abu Dhabi. Prepare for the grand finale—an exclusive afterparty on the races’ final day, where luxury, adrenaline, and entertainment intertwine. This isn’t just an event; it’s an immersive, unforgettable experience.


Bespoke Event Management

Elevate every occasion with the distinctive Voya touch. Whether orchestrating an intimate affair aboard a private yacht or a lavish soirée within a luxurious hotel, our team carefully crafts perfection in every facet. Leveraging well-established partnerships across esteemed hotels, yacht proprietors, and premium service providers, we pledge an event meticulously tailored to your specifications.

Picture a birthday celebration atop a skyscraper, a wedding nestled on a secluded island, or a corporate gathering aboard a deluxe cruise. With Voya, the spectrum of possibilities knows no bounds. Share your vision, and watch us transform it into an extraordinary reality.


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